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IRS offers three unique programs to fit the most challenging variety of outsourcing needs.  Integrate one or a combination to successfully and cost-effectively manage your facility based upon your unique situation.  We offer:

bulletContract Program

Peace of mind knowing that your outsourced staff will be there when you need them without day-to-day, week-to-week management of schedule!
bulletIdeal for facilities with regular seasonality, or when you know requirements are going to increase during a definite time-period (i.e. when a new patient-type contract has been awarded, or when expanding and you need time to fill staff positions.)
bulletFreedom to manage your IRS staff directly vs. through the IRS office!
bulletFrom just 6 weeks to 52 weeks!
bulletAny length in between!
bulletPerfect for staff 'burnout' and maternity leave!
bulletDepartmental savings through decreased recruiting costs!
bulletAvoid paying for staff year 'round when only needed temporarily!
bulletPermanent staff feeling, without permanent staff expense!
bulletSave time and money through decreased requirements for management and orientation.
bulletEnjoy a high departmental QC and high patient satisfaction through consistency and by utilizing the company with a history of creating the perfect organization match!


bulletPer Diem Program

Just right for the crazy moment-by-moment, day-to-day changes of the typical respiratory department!  Now you can make that headache go away fast!
bulletMake changes to your staff's schedule 24-hours per day, 7-days per week!
bulletPerfect for crises!
bulletPlace one call, then sit back and relax and wait for your staffing needs to be solved!
bulletSave money by paying for staff only when you need them!
bulletSave time and money by decreasing managements' scheduling time!
bulletEnjoy consistent QC and patient satisfaction ratings by utilizing the company with the history of surpassing JCAHO's recommendations! 
bulletAvailable to limited geographic areas only (there's always a catch, isn't there?  We're expanding this program daily.  Please see if we are in your area for per diem, or will be there soon!)


bulletPermanent Placement Program

With an RCP staff of over 250 and growing (many looking for on-staff positions), and a database of over 1,400 qualified practitioners, let our experience, prescreening techniques and ready-database find the right technician or therapist cost-effectively and time-efficiently!
bulletUtilize our services for permanent placement right from the start!
bulletTry one out through our Contract or Per Diem Programs, then move them through our PPP right into your organization!
bulletSave time!
bulletSave Departmental Recruiting $$$
bulletWatch CQ and patient satisfaction ratings jump up through the careful selection of the perfect RCP for your organization! 


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