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In addition to the great work experience, new life experiences, high pay, flexibility and a rewarding job in your chosen profession, IRS offers one of the best total compensation packages.  Besides the highest pay levels in the industry, IRS offers:

bulletWeekly Pay
bulletDirect Deposit
bulletCompletion or Other Bonuses*
bulletReferral Bonuses
bulletHealth Plan Participation
bulletLicense Attainment Assistance and Reimbursement
bulletTravel Reimbursement
bulletHousing Subsidy or Reimbursement Programs**
bulletIncreased Clinical Skills / Techniques
bulletImproved Marketability
bulletA Dedicated Employee Career Liaison 

With IRS's total benefits package, you can plan a secure future as an IRS employee!

Ready to get started?  APPLY NOW!  Or, you can reach us anytime at (800) 827-3723 -- (602) 234-0494 .  Or, simply drop us an e-mail

*   Availability depends of facility's compensation plan offering.
** Depending on program.



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